We are constantly investing in research and working with various talents and Research Institutes in the UK solely to survey, investigate and study crucial societal needs.



From complex to simple or detailed ideas, we possess profound design skills capable of producing dynamic, sustainable and resource-efficient products.



Our Research and Design ideas and skills come together to produce sustainable alternatives capable of solving problems without harming the ecosystem.

Our Latest Inventions

My Theory Aid

Removing Learning Barriers From Driving Theory


My Theory Aid®

Our app packs a punch!
From multilingual support to text-to-speech, dyslexic font mode, Q&A video explanations, and sign videos – our features make learning driving theory a breeze. With us, you’ll never have to struggle through another test again.
Join our community today and unleash the power of our innovative app!

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Proudly supported and partly funded by Coventry University Innovation Network & ERDF

BlindSpot Aid

Born to save lives because “Every Life Matters”

BlindSpot Aid®

Looking were you can’t see on your junctions. At Moje Solutions, we understand the importance of road safety for drivers and other road users. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary technology called “Blind Spot Aid” to eliminate drivers blind spots like never before. Our innovative system lets you see where you can’t on junctions, born to save lives and reduce casualties on roads. Join us in creating a safer world for everyone on the road.
Trust in Blind Spot Aid, “Because Every Life Counts”

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Hygiene Ace


Hygiene Ace®

Hygiene Ace® A is a smart splash guard that works perfectly with various commercial hand dryers. In addition, the sleek design and the built-in antimicrobial/Nano coating make it a perfect complementary product for hand dryers and essential washroom accessories that can further reduce the spread of germs and cross-contamination.

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Our Mission

At Moje Solutions, we aim to, by all means, provide practical, workable solutions to world’s disdained (but crucial) challenges while keeping environmental sustainability at the centre of our inventions.

Our business model is built to solve problems without compromising the prosperity of our ecosystem; hence our product and or services are designed to make lives easier, better, healthier and, at the same time, reduce carbon footprint significantly.

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Our corporate values are based on convenience, price, service and quality. They also reflect the very hallmark(s) of products offerings and service expectations that are likely to attract small and large companies and organisations – private and public respectively


Value Centricity






Our Objective:
At Moje Solutions, sustainability is a core principle of our operations; hence, we are committed to highly sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. To achieve this, we will ensure the following:

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